Faster planning and marking

With so much time saved planning and marking, it allows you to be able to monitor and intervene effectively (which is actually fun when you have the time to do it!). Gives me more time to focus on other things, like how to make the lessons more engaging. As I see students having difficulties with a specific question in real time I can focus on that on the board, and I know it is relevant. Having more time at hand means I can use that time to prepare for my explanation of concepts, try demonstrations beforehand and, plan my further lessons and finally not take work of planning and marking back home! It is indeed keeping me go on in the profession as I can manage finishing work during work time!


Plan 60% faster

  • + Community schemes of work
  • + Publish with one click
  • + Covers whole 11 to 18 curriculum
  • Mark 175% faster

  • + Uniquely generated questions
  • + Immediate student feedback
  • + Realtime markbook
  • Retain ownership

  • + Write your own questions
  • + Integrated with Google Drive
  • + Choose different lesson modes
  • 100% free

    Use the ready made lesson notes, experiments and SLOP questions from regularly maintained community schemes of work, (or write your own)

    Publish a responsive, online lesson with just one click

    Covers the whole GCSE and A-level Physics course (UK exam boards) so if you are short for time, it will have what you need.

    Each student gets a unique set of questions so every student has to pull their weight!

    Students get immediate feedback

    Your markbook updates in real time and are stored directly in Google Sheets - no need to export

    Write your own lesson notes and questions or drag and drop from community schemes of work. Add links within lessons to your other favourite websites.

    Your schemes of work are stored on your google drive not our servers

    Lesson features include timers, check limits, test modes and more